FACHTAGUNG ABBRUCH 2020 on the 28th of February 2020 in Berlin

The annual meeting of the European demolition industry at STATION-Berlin

Ranga Yogeshwar, science journalist and physicist will present the keynote – top-class specialist speakers provide information on current specialist topics relating to demolition – accompanying trade exhibition with a wide range of products – dialogue evening for network exchange

On the 28th of February 2020, the Deutscher Abbruchverband e.V. (German Demolition Association) is organizing the FACHTAGUNG ABBRUCH 2020 again at the STATION-Berlin, Luckenwalder Straße in Berlin. With its rustic charm, this industrial monument, an old post station, is particularly suited for the demolition industry.

This year over 1.000 participants from 13 countries and 116 exhibitors attended the annual meeting of European players in demolition and dismantling, so that the expectations and anticipation for the event in 2020 are high.

Lecture programme

Ranga Yogeshwar, the well-known science journalist and physicist, will give the keynote speech on the topic – The man and the machine – who programs whom?

In it, he will shed light on his thesis that “in the next ten years we will be strongly confronted with the rise of artificial intelligence. It will fundamentally change many areas of our lives. The question is to what extent we can trust these new intelligent systems. How much responsibility do we give up?”. A certainly exciting, consciously chosen thematic unrelated view of the future that is external for the industry but that concerns us all.

Afterwards, there will be 15 further lectures on the programme on current and interesting topics around demolition. In their lectures, the acknowledged experts will provide a lot of practice-oriented information on interesting demolition site reports as well as on the handling of pollutants, recycled construction materials and legal requirements.

This year, among other things, information will be provided on “Challenge of inner-city dismantling – judiciary center gives way to dazzling newly constructed building “, as well as on “Valuation of the carcinogenicity of mineral wool … is Germany on the wrong track? “. Additionally other interesting lectures such as “Selective partial deconstruction of a chemistry park during ongoing business – difficult planning with risks ” or “Blasting the Morandi Bridge in Genoa, Italy” contribute to the proven mix of topics, as do various other specialist lectures like “Communication on construction sites in times of heavy shocks – early involvement of residents ” and many more.

As the number of international visitors continues to grow, simultaneous translations into English, Italian and French will be offered again.

Professional exhibition

To the professional exhibition over 80 exhibitors with a wide range of products and with an area of more than 700 sqm have already registered themselves by now. The current list of exhibitors can be viewed on the event´s website and the registration as an exhibitor is still possible until the 27th of December 2019.

Dialogue evening

Just like this year the dialogue evening will also take place in the STATION BERLIN. Due to that the exhibition will simultaneously remain open to the dialogue evening. This improves the exchange and information opportunities for both sides – participants and exhibitors – and enables a variety of networking opportunities.


The fact that the FACHTAGUNG ABBRUCH is well established is shown by the very gratifying participation of sponsors who have already been won. The DA already thanks its supporters for that!

Programme and Registration

On the event´s website www.demolition-conference.com  you can see the programme of the FACHTAGUNG ABBRUCH and will also find all further information and details about the event. Furthermore, you can also make the exclusive online registration for the participation in the FACHTAGUNG ABBRUCH until the 14th of January 2020.

The Deutscher Abbruchverband e.V. (German Demolition Association) is looking forward to your coming!


Press Images: Jens Jeske / www.jens-jeske.de