Social policy and Collective agreement

With its own social and tariff policy, the German Demolition Association is also aware of the interests of its members.

At all places, where the lawmaker gives leeway to the wage agreement parties of a sector, we make use of this to strengthen the competitive ability of our medium-sized businesses. Thus, for instance, possibilities for making the working hours flexible, even with work time account, or shortened notice periods during the probation period have been agreed upon contractually with the trade union IG Construction Agriculture Environment.

We are working together with the responsible main customs office against wage dumping and illegal employment in the sector.

Despite all critical comments on wage agreements, the wage agreement system of the German Demolition Association turns out to be beneficial to the member companies. By adhering to the wage agreements of the DA, the demolition companies get a freedom from the social funds procedure of construction industry and from the levy on winter construction projects.


More information about the topic of social policy and collective agreement is given in our member area.