As part of increased environmental awareness, as also enhanced scientific knowledge (asbestos, pigeon droppings, insulating materials, etc.), the proper handling of hazardous substances is assuming an increased significance in the demolition and dismantling companies. In the interest of its members, therefore, the German Demolition Association is giving increased attention to this technical subject.

Generally speaking, hazardous substances are all substances, which can jeopardise the environment or impair the health of humans and animals. The hazardous substances accruing in the demolition and dismantling companies require from these companies a special hazardous substance management in the planning as well as during the demolition measures. The aim is to protect the employees as well as the local residents, to adhere to the legal boundary conditions (environment law, waste law, work safety law and construction law), as well as minimise the costs and calculation risks.

Selective dismantling instead of simple demolition

At the start of demolition planning, stocktaking and documentation, sampling as well as research of usage history is done possibly by questioning the local residents. The hazard assessment resulting from this is the basis for a dismantling concept tailor-made specifically for the respective object. This contains measures for discovering and evaluating the hazardous substances actual work instructions for the individual work steps a work safety plan a disposal concept for the accruing wastes.

  • a work safety plan
  • a disposal concept for the accruing wastes.

Over and above the actual construction measures, regular trainings of the employees involved and a corresponding setup of the machine and tool park is necessary. From a medical perspective, the equipment of the employees with personal safety gear as well as regular occupational health check-ups are required.


More information about the individual hazardous substances and their handling is given in our member area.