Hazard assessment

The assessment of the risks associated with the work is the prerequisite for effective work safety measures related to the construction site. It is mandatory for each entrepreneur.
With the help of this anticipatory, preventive assessment, the demolition company can determine, assess and define measures for the expected risks for each individual activity in actual operational situations while preparing the offer, during planning and while preparing for work.

This is a requirement, which can be fulfilled only with high expert knowledge of the work process, the related individual activities and the different work states.

For carrying out the hazard assessment and for preparing the required documentation, help is provided by the work safety authorities of the Federal states, the Federal Agency for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) and the professional associations.

In cooperation with the BG BAU, the German Demolition Association offers workshops to its members for a beneficial use of the media of the BG BAU for a sector-specific hazard assessment for the demolition companies.


More information about the topic of hazard assessment is given in our member area.