Recycling and Waste Disposal

The recycling management is characterised by high technological leaps in development. This relates to all areas of waste prevention, waste utilisation, recycling as well as the environment-friendly removal of contaminated sites. For this reason also, the selective dismantling could be enforced as the most frequent method for complete demolition. In doing so, the accruing material is gathered separately based on variety and accordingly sent to waste disposal or to recycling.

Despite the innovative progress made in the technological side, a successful recycling, safe disposal and maximum environment protection still require a lot of expert knowledge and a careful planning by the demolition companies. There are already tried and tested utilisation and recycling methods for various materials accruing during demolition e.g. mineral waste, wood waste, plastics and metals. While handling the building pollutants or other hazardous waste, the demolition companies often face special challenges, which require them to integrate the disposal of the hazardous substances competently in the entire project workflow.

The German Demolition Association provides information to its members, which is indispensable for the development of legally compliant disposal concepts and realistic hazard assessments. In particular, the DA deals with laws and directives in the area of disposal as well as the relevant regulations in environmental law. In doing so, it strives towards a balanced unison between the individual goals of environmental policy – protection of resources, ground water and soil protection as well as waste prevention – with the economic concerns of the member companies.


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