Demolition Technology

The demolition sector and the demolition technology have changed fundamentally in the past 25 years. Owing to new or amended legal regulations and social boundary conditions, the sector has had to respond to varied requirements. The manufacturers of construction machines and attachment parts have conformed to the needs of the sector so that demolition technology today is highly mechanised and the quality demands for the demolition experts have risen strongly. The device technology in demolition and dismantling, together with special civil engineering, is one of the areas of construction industry with most intensive investment.

The constantly growing and changing legal and social boundary conditions also lead to a rise in the quality, work safety and environment protection conditions for the companies. The qualification of the employees, therefore, assumes a very special significance. While selecting a demolition method and the correct demolition technology, they have to pay attention to a lot of influencing factors, analyse their significance with respect to an optimal demolition technology and compare the respective advantages and disadvantages of the options.

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