Profile and history of the association

The Deutscher Abbruchverband (DA), German Demolition Association, is the most important economic and entrepreneurs association of the demolition sector since 1951 and is the largest national association of the demolition sector in Europe with head office in Cologne.

Its roots reach back to the year 1902, when the “Association of demolition and deep mining companies, Cologne and Surroundings” was founded. After the Second World War at first the “Interest group of German scrap economy and the industrial demolition and scraping companies” came into existence, from which the German Demolition Association originated on September 20, 1951.

He represents predominantly medium-sized companies from the areas of building and industrial demolition, mineral construction waste recycling and pollutant clean up. Our members are not only the suppliers of the construction and demolition waste, which has to be recycled, but also create new land by demolishing / dismantling buildings.

As a result, economic cycles can be closed and landfill areas and natural resources can even be protected. Sponsoring members of manufacturers, engineering offices and universities round off the members.

The DA controls the sector

Based on new legal regulations and social boundary conditions, the demolition sector and the demolition technology have changed fundamentally in the past 25 years. The German Demolition Association has essentially accompanied and driven forward this development of the demolition sector to a highly technological and qualitatively very demanding economic sector.

The association takes over the interest representation of the entire sector by establishing contacts with the ministries and authorities. The DA forces the technological enhancement of the sector by continually examining the changing technical standards and legal matters. It also takes care of enhancing the technical quality of the employees e.g. by creating the skilled occupation “Building mechanic for demolition and concrete cutting technique” and the development of varied further training seminars. By publishing the technical magazine “ABBRUCH aktuell”, it informs the public about the diversity ans latest developments of the demolition sector. At the European level, the DA exercises influence by participating in the European Demolition Association EDA.

In this way, the DA controls the sector and acts as a driving force and consultant for its member companies.

The DA offers the sector a broad platform for exchange

The structuring of the German Demolition Association in individual regional associations, professional committees and work groups, which meet regularly, gives the members an opportunity of discussing the latest topics and questions, which are going around in the sector, with the other experts. Apart from this, the annual congress and the general meeting of members also offer an additional platform for a comprehensive exchange at the Federal level.

Regardless of whether they are members or not, all persons interested in demolition can participate in the “FACHTAGUNG ABBRUCH” organized every year by DA in Berlin. This demolition conference (2020: more than 1.100 participants and 127 exhibitors) has become the largest meeting place of the demolition sector in Europe in the course of the years. Experienced speakers from the industry give information here about all important topics regarding demolition in up to 20 lectures in a day and the accompanying exhibition gives the visitors an opportunity to get extensive information about the innovations (