Education and Continuing Education / Career in the Demolition Industry

Career opportunities in the demolition industry are tremendously multifaceted. There are all kinds of tasks. For example, as a construction machine operator, as a worker on the construction, in planning or disposition in the office, in the workshop and many, many tasks more. To illustrate this diversity and to show the career opportunities offered by our member companies, and how much know-how the demolition industry requires, the DA has now had three demolition project reports made as videos. Unfortunately, this film is only available in German. But as we all know pictures say more than 1000 words.

Look right here!

After graduation, many teenagers and young adults ask themselves what they want to do after school. The decision is often office versus construction. But here you can see what construction is all about and how many versatile professions the demolition industry has to offer. In this report, everything is shown and explained on a real project – from planning to the disposition of equipment and machines.

Ready for action – Part 2 is dedicated to the implementation of the plans from Part 1. The versatile activities are shown directly on the construction site. In the video, the prepared tools, machines and equipment are brought into position and the demolition with its versatile tasks is put into action. All machines are driven and controlled – some even remotely.

Demolition and selective dismantling of the IKEA Europa warehouse – high tech instead of wrecking ball! The stereotypical image of a demolition is the rough demolition with the help of a wrecking ball or by blasting. But did you know that in some cases up to 80% of the building rubble can be recycled with the help of modern deconstruction?

Here is another real-life project that shows how advanced demolition and selective deconstruction can be.

In the demolition branch everything gets demolished, except your career. Whether it’s a cross-entry, the career of your dreams, the position of master craftsman or other important qualifications. To keep up the high-quality standards or even improve them further, it is particularly important to have qualified training for the diverse professions in demolition, as well as intensive further training.

The German Demolition Association (DA) sees itself as a strong partner in the field of education and training. As early as 2004, the apprenticeship occupation of “construction mechanic for demolition and concrete separation technology” was created with the cooperation of the association. Since the winter semester 2012, a dual study program for this profession is possible. Since 2020, there has even been a certified master craftsman for demolition and concrete separation technology. The association’s DA Service GmbH regularly offers industry-oriented, practical training courses.

The German Demolition Association promotes training and thus indirectly also its member companies. The training companies not only benefit from the broad-based basic knowledge of their skilled workers, but also save costs for recruiting and training qualified skilled workers. They increase the attractiveness and productivity of their company and strengthen the positive impression they make on customers and business partners.

Here you can view the flyers in german of the three essential trainings:

construction mechanic training (only available in german)


construction equipment operator training (only available in german)


agricultural and construction mechatronics engineers training (only available in german)


More information about the topic of training is given in our member area.