Blasting Technology

The blasting technology is one of the classical demolition methods. Depending upon the conditions of the building to be demolished and its surroundings, blasting is often the safest, most economical and ecologically most useful method of demolition. It is frequently used in case of complex massive constructions, bridges and especially high buildings in place of a device-based demolition.

Blasting requires the demolition companies to have qualified experts, extensive experience as well as high technical standards. Technical developments continually change the status of the modern blasting technology and thus affect its preparation (e.g. static calculations or shock forecasts) and execution (e.g. new ignition methods and explosives or more effective safety measures). The employees are to be trained accordingly.

For many years now, the German Demolition Association is dealing intensively with various blasting methods, technological enhancements and measures for accident prevention. Despite the enormous advantages, the companies and the authorities have a lot of unjustified reservations against the blasting technology. The DA considers it as its duty to counteract these by providing specific information. Thus, the initiative SPRENGEN has been developed by the DA, in order to provide comprehensive information to the decision-makers and to reduce the prejudices.


More information about the topic of blasting as well as checklists and help material are given in our member area.