Rapid redevelopment of the Ilm Valley Clinic in Pfaffenhofen

The company Schlösser Grund- und Tiefbau GmbH is renovating the Ilmtalklinik in Pfaffenhofen, and thanks to electric robot assistance, it worked much faster than expected!
One part of the job was to remove the floor in the ground floor and basement. This was already a difficult job for Thomas Schlösser, the technical manager, because all work in the interior rooms could only be carried out during visiting hours in the morning between 7:00 and 8:30 and in the afternoon between 12:30 and 18:00. And then it also turned out that the floor on 700 square meters was 50% thicker than advertised!

12 instead of 8 cm thick screed – it was clear: with the originally planned device, a ride-on device with a 5 kg hammer, this work would never have been possible in the planned time, it would have taken at least five weeks and significantly delayed subsequent planned work. The solution to the problem was provided by a new demolition robot brought in at short notice. At first, Thomas Schlösser was skeptical when the small excavator, which weighs less than a ton, was unloaded. But a direct comparison showed: the purely electric demolition robot can deliver 10 times the output per hour! And Thomas Schlösser and his employees are satisfied that the times of the old ride-on machine with its vibrations and the smell of exhaust fumes, especially indoors, are over thanks to the electrically powered demolition robot. The job was completed in five days! In the future, Schlösser also wants to use the robot to mill off materials containing asbestos; the company is still working on the process.
The renovation and expansion of the Ilmtalklinik in Pfaffenhofen started in April last year, the entire project is designed to last around ten years and has a total volume of over 185 million euros.

Photos: Husqvarna