Statics on sandy terrain

Hagedorn secures demolition work in a listed neighbourhood on the island of Norderney
The Hagedorn Group controls vibrations and shocks with new special measuring instruments. Project managers are notified immediately if threshold values are exceeded.
On the island of Norderney many houses…

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Max Wild dismantles bridge with “Litzentechnik”

746 tons of stroke at the crossover of the valley at the river Neckar in Heilbronn
In the course of the ÖPP project “availability model A6“, the “experts without borders“ perform the dismantling of the crossover of the valley at the river Neckar between the connecting points Heilbronn/Neckarsulm and Heilbronn/Untereisesheim by order of the BAUARGE A6 West….

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City centre Muenster: Dismantling in precision work and record time

For real experts – Narrow alleys and listed buildings require finesse.
When the construction machines can comfortably drive up, enough space for manoeuvring is available and the entrances and departures are freely available, the conditions for complex dismantling works are perfect. In practice that often stays a wishful thinking as well as the conditions for demolition projects present challenges….

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Special demolition at the airport

Dismantling under confined space conditions
In the end the compliance of a narrow time frame was only possible because of a special demolition concept.
The dismantling of an overall 70 m long section of the old airport´s tunnel in Frankfurt a.M. posed a special challenge for the from the Fa. Wayss & Freytag Ingenierbau AG instructed Robert Zeller GmbH & Co. KG (i.F. Fa. Zeller) from Offenbach….

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Dismantling of a former nuclear shelter in Hanau

Massive and dark

“Right here is where a plane could have dropped, and nothing would have happened. Now we are showing that something is happening”, says project manager Markus Heimeroth decisively.

No light, no sound, no reception for the mobile phone. Deep inside the massive construction it is an…

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