Professional Committee Blasting Technology

The professional committee of blasting technology deals with the individual methods of blasting technology, their control as well as with minimising the effects of the blasts.

A special emphasis is placed by the committee on the information and functional clarification of employers, planners and companies regarding the various possibilities of use and high safety standards of the blasting technology. The aim of the professional committee is to bring about a higher acceptance for the use of blasting methods in a demolition project. For this purpose, the DA and the professional association of blasting technology regularly offer practical workshops.

Chairman of the Professional Committee Blasting Technology
Graduate Geologist Martin Hopfe
c/o Thueringer Sprenggesellschaft mbH
Zur Oschuetz 3
07338 Kaulsdorf
0049 (0) 36733 / 22282
0049 (0) 36733 / 21382